So often I see new knitters afraid to try anything that’s not garter stitch, and it hits me how weird of a new knitter I was. My first projects were a ribbed scarf, a lace scarf, double knitting, a lace hat, a short row cowl, and a cabled scarf - in that order. I didn’t finish all these projects, but I got far enough into them to understand the techniques. Not even a year after I started, I knit my first sweater. Now I’m coming up to the end of year two, and I’m working on sweater #5.

If you’re a new knitter (or crocheter or whatever), my advice to you is this - JUMP IN! Don’t ever be afraid to try something new just because it looks complicated! No matter how weird a new thing feels, always remember how hard it was when you started, and how easy it is now. Don’t be afraid to learn, and don’t be afraid to be wrong or bad at something! Quality comes with experience, and experience comes from many hours of doing.

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried."
~ Stephen McCranie


Rout 1 is still work in progress. This is one of my favorite tricks for bottom up pullovers with stockinette stitch sleeves: to knit raglan yoke bottom up from provisional cast on then knit sleeves top down. If you have limited amount of yarn for your project this tip may be helpful 😉 It helps to adjust sleeve length if needed without unraveling bottom up yoke if you run out yarn. / Пулл все еще в процессе :) Небольшая хитрость для пуловеров с рукавами лиц.гладью и регланом снизу - вязать рукава / регланом снизу от открытого набора вверх, а потом рукава вниз. Если количество пряжи ограничено, можно поиграться длиной рукава без распускания всей регланной кокетки. #wip #helpfultip #instaknit #otrutaknit #iloveknitting #knitstagram #knit #knitting #instaknitting

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I’m adding another size to my wedge bags! The cat print is the “sock” wedge I currently have. The Marvel comics one in the back will be the “sweater” size! Expect to see the bigger size in the shop by the beginning of or mid October! #yyc #handmade #etsy #knitting #wipbag #imadethis

Ugh, I need kitty print in sweater size, I don’t even have one sweater size bag. :\ STOP BEING SO CUTE