got some Anastasia Dipbrow today but more importantly I’m werkin that red lip and that lil hair curlicue

also TIL I always put my face to the right when I do selfies

Chloe sweater + Admiral CoolCat : attempt #2! This time it’s the right size and all the cables are correct! Only 1 more inch until I divide for front and back, WHEEEEEEE!

So I was super duper panicking because I have 6 skeins, right? but 10” of sweater took up 2 skeins, and the thing is supposed to be 20” long, and each sleeve will use probably 1 or more skeins. That leaves a very narrow margin for completing sweater, with none left over for a big cozy collar.

Then I looked in my stash and oops I actually have 8. BIG SQUISHY COLLAR!

I want to knit a baby blanket for my kitties to use this winter. Do you recon Noro Kureyon would be soft enough post-washing, of should I go with Silk Garden?